Thursday, May 26, 2011

Material World

Stuff I Have
Top shelf Bookcase (right to left): Greek books, notebooks, GameBoy Pocket, CDs, DVDs
Below: Stuffed animal and books.
From right to left: Guitar cases, viola case, chair, guitar books, viola, lamp, viola bow, classical guitar, electric guitar, wires, iPod, speakers, recorder, laptop, amplifier, Bose headphones, music stand, bookbag, mirror, bookcase.

After Singer Ravaged My Life
Left to right: Bookbag, three guitar books, guitar.

Because I had access to all the books I wanted, I spent hours in happiness, improving my reading comprehension and writing skills and vocabulary.  Having a greater mastery of language, I can think clearer, which assists me every second of my life.  
                I had access to all the music I wanted, so I spent moments of bliss and awe hearing the achievements of other people.  I’ve spent most days for the last four years playing guitar, and because of it, I met great people,  and gained the ability to make music, now the goal of my life.

Accepting the Singer solution to poverty, I would give up the things that are not essential, and donate extra money to poor people.